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Adult Electric scooter Protection equipment
Apr 25, 2017

1. Helmet

A quality helmet is your most important safety equipment, we firmly believe that if you ride an adult electric scooter without wearing a helmet, a sprain can quickly recover, but the damage to the head will greatly affect your future days.

2. Shoe protection

It is necessary to point out that the shoe is necessary to wear resistance to wear together all some of the need not discomfort, the vast majority of sports shoes are very suitable for skateboarding sports, sandals and high-root shoes the most inappropriate scooter movement.

3. Knee Pads

The most meaningful creation of knee pads is the creation of plastic knee pads, which also have a lot of excellent knee pads, and wearing any knee pads is better than not wearing a knee pad.

4. Gloves

Adult electric Scooter Gloves There are many kinds of shapes and scales, in the United States and Japan some people on that motorcycle gloves but adult electric scooter gloves, also someone who has the gardening gloves to replace, contrast ambition of the gloves are both HT and can make your receipt from damage.

5. Wrist Guard

With the same knee pads, the plastic brim with the wrist is the best wrist, and there are many substitutes for the same function.

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