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How to avoid spontaneous combustion of electric scooter
Apr 25, 2017

There are a lot of electric scooter batteries are placed under the cushion, electric vehicle users in the situation in the car line can be installed on the cushion to add a sunscreen; electric car charger as far as possible not to put on the car, because sometimes road bumps easily lead to the charger's own voltage rise, cause spontaneous combustion.

Battery charging should be placed on the ground, so that the charger can be conducive to heat dissipation in time, the longest summer charging time not more than 12 hours; try not to use electric cars for long periods of time, conditions permitting, should be timed to the maintenance station to detect the line, to exclude the line hidden dangers, to prevent the line aging, as far as possible to avoid rainy days, water road, this will cause the motor to water, in the case of short-circuit can also cause spontaneous combustion, in addition do not use high-pressure water gun washing, Prevent the line from the damp caused by short-circuit electrical wires cause spontaneous combustion.

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