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Maintenance of electric bicycles
Apr 25, 2017

1 electric vehicles should be careful to check whether good condition before use, such as tire pressure adequacy, before and after the brakes are sensitive, the whole car has the same sound, screw loose, whether the battery is sufficient.

2 in the vehicle start-up, should be slow acceleration, avoid instantaneous urgent acceleration damage components, in order to prolong the battery, motor life, the vehicle start-up, climbing the application of pedal help.

3. Under the premise of guaranteeing security, travel should minimize frequent brake, start-up, to save power, driving in the brake should loosen the speed adjustment to avoid damage to the motor and other parts, when the launch, should shut down the power supply to prevent the implementation of unintentional rotation speed, the car suddenly started accident.

4 The charger contains the high-voltage road, do not disassemble, charging, the charger does not cover any items, should be placed in the ventilation department, while attention to prevent liquid and metal particles into the charger inside, to prevent the fall and impact, lest cause damage.

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