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Safe Play for electric scooter
Apr 25, 2017

Familiar with the electric scooter, you will find it plays a lot:

1. As with the tip of the skateboard on the U-plate, you can feel the surf and thrill in the fast-down process. But never go down on a bumpy ramp or step.

2. Hold the hand to lift the body, in situ rotation 360 degrees after the two feet vacated on the pedal side, relying on the body leaned forward inertia glide, no skateboard foundation, use this recruit to be careful.

3. Single foot on the rear wheel brake, and then like a compass rotation 360 degrees, if the rear wheel does not install the brakes, it is difficult to make action.

4. Single Hand grip handlebar, the right foot on the brakes, and then lift the front wheels, jumping as far as possible to keep the brakes close to the soles, so that the landing will not emit blunt sound.

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