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Two-wheeled scooter using tips
Apr 25, 2017

1. Arc Glide: To maintain a certain speed of sliding state to change the direction of glide, glide moderate pressure before the pedal, can make the glide route is curved, can also use the body tilt to the simultaneous pressure and rear pedal to control, namely the so-called turn, according to oneself grasp the degree of gravity to control the Radian Glide, control a good glide speed, and then gradually improve their control ability.

2.180 ° Radian Rotation: To maintain a certain speed of the glide process of 180 ° rotation, as far as possible according to their own control ability to try, if not good control of the center of gravity can easily fall, rotary can be simultaneously pressed before and after the pedal, before and after the reverse direction of the pressure to control the size of the rotary radian, in the glide to pay attention to control the speed of the glide and radian size to turn, should not glide in speed too fast and radian too small.

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