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Electric Scooter Purchase Principle
Apr 25, 2017

Guideline 1: Look at Brands

At present, a lot of electric scooter brands, consumers should choose a long time, repair rate low, good quality, reputable brands, such as purchasing through the quality Management system ISO9001-2000 certified enterprises.

Guideline 2: Service

Because the current electric vehicle parts are not yet universal, maintenance is not to be socialized, so buy electric bicycle must be careful whether in the region has a special maintenance services department, if the picture cheap and neglect after-sales service, it is easy to be fooled.

Guideline 3: Selected models

Electric scooter can be divided into luxurious, common type, rear-front shock-type, portable type four, luxury features complete, but the price is high, ordinary structure concise, economical and practical; lightweight lightweight flexible, but short itinerary, consumers should pay attention to this point.

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