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Electric Scooter Ride Safety Common Sense
Apr 25, 2017

Jump on the electric scooter, the wind blows through the ear, in the speed or rotation or beating, feel free movement, today, the Plaza, park, the heat not less than the square roller skating, high-speed glide, turn, lightsome, so that the skateboard becomes the most anticipated set of tricks and entertainment in one of the fashionable leisure sports.

Skateboard movement originated in the 60 the early 1990s of the United States, by the sea surf movement evolved, relative to the land and climate constrained surfing movement, skateboarding obviously has greater freedom, also formed a attribution of speech, tricks, costumes personality and musical preferences. It is characterized by sliding action, does not rigidly adhere to the fixed form, the demand skater free to exert imagination, in the process of movement to create strength.

It is understood that playing electric scooter can improve cardiopulmonary function, strengthen leg muscles and strengthen the muscles, useful stretching the leg ligament, advancing bone development, and avoiding backache, can be useful to improve the balance and response ability, enhance sensitivity and coordination, is to carry out physique and technical exercises to choose the aspiration, skateboard car fun strong, not by the season and place constraints, the cost of small, so not only particularly by the students expect, some adults also favor it.

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