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The Collective Transformation And Upgrading Of Electric Bicycle Industry
Apr 25, 2017

The three-day 33rd China Jiangsu Bicycle, new energy electric vehicle and spare parts fair held in Nanjing October 17, in the long triangle days of large haze, the "new Energy, new technology, new traffic" as the theme of the trade fair to get the audience warmly welcome, from 16 provinces and municipalities and regions of the Ultra 600 enterprises of more than more than 500 brands and related products with Taiwan competitive, exhibition area of 120,000 square.

Despite the scale of the exhibition to record a record high, but the electric bicycle industry 2014 The first occurrence of negative sales, the industry inflection point is now, in sales decline, fierce competition, policy uncertainties, such as the role of factors, the wheels of transition has been moved, at the fair speed up Mercedes.

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