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The Folding Method Of Adult Electric Scooter
Apr 25, 2017

1. Loosen the shrinkage nut of the T-Rod, hold down the marbles and regulate the height of the T pole to the lowest.

2. Receive the foot support; The connection bridge between the front wheels and pedals has 1 folding switches, and the folding switches are stepped on the feet; hold the hand to push forward the transverse Tube micro force, the hands and legs simultaneously forcibly, until heard "Ka" a sound, indicates that the folding switch has been opened.

3. Hand the top of the rubber grip and the T-Rod between the left and right to have a clutch sleeve, pushing the clutch outward (if not easy to push, can gently lift up the grip) down the hand-fold tube, tighten the horizontal tube.

4. Put the T-Rod gently down to the lowest, so that the hand in close to the rear wheels until then hear the "Ka", the body, folding complete. You can pick up the scooter through the T-pole.

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